developing November 8, 2018 Vacation Rental Chatbot used by 84% of Guests – A Case Study

It has been a few months since we launched BnBChatbot to the world. In that time we have received some great feedback from our early customers. We also have received mentions in some press articles explaining vacation rental automation and how BnBChatbot is at the forefront of the chatbot trend in vacation rentals. You can …

developing October 15, 2018 Guest Dashboard Creates Answers on Demand for your Resort!

Do you manage a resort? Have you thought about the best way to give your guests the information they require? Have you thought about how a chatbot could help with remarketing to your guests? BnBChatbot explains how a chatbot could help to take your resort communications to the next level.

developing October 3, 2018 Automate AirBnB Checkin with 3 Simple Steps

Automating your check in experience is super simple with BnBChatbot. One of the biggest expenses of running a short term rental business is meeting guests for check in. That no longer needs to be the case!

developing September 6, 2018 Why Facebook Messenger?

Thoughts on why we chose to host BnBChatbot on Facebook Messenger. The benefits of doing so and obviously pitfalls. We believe the benefits far outweigh anything negative as the Facebook marketing tools allow greater engagement with those who interact with your bot.

developing September 5, 2018 Guest Interactions on Autopilot

A brief look at how and why we lay out the BnBChatbot demo like we do and how it is made to convert guests and keep them comfortable whilst looking at the information before their stay.

developing September 1, 2018 Payments from Stripe with your Bot!

Taking payments directly within your BnBChatbot has never been easier. We explore some of the possibilities with the Stripe integration to help those additional revenue streams.

developing launch August 23, 2018 Vacation Rental Chatbots have arrived!

Introducing the first commercially available chatbot for vacation rental properties. We explain the basic features and understanding behind why we built BnBChatbot and what we plan for the future.

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