Vacation Rental Chatbot used by 84% of Guests – A Case Study

November 8, 2018

It has been a few months since we launched BnBChatbot to the world. In that time we have received some great feedback from our early customers. We also have received mentions in some press articles explaining vacation rental automation and how BnBChatbot is at the forefront of the chatbot trend in vacation rentals. You can see these articles by clicking here and here.

What makes BnBChatbot different than other chatbot providers in the vacation rental space is because it was made by people who run vacation rentals themselves. The main business was running a vacation rental management company with over 4,000 listings. BnBChatbot was developed to help us with this management and to give our guests a personal concierge that can answer their questions when and where they want. We have been using BnBChatbot for this business since the start of August 2018 and had some great results. Here we want to share with you some of the things we have learnt so far in this journey.

Guests Love to Use the Bot!

The title of this article might giveaway a statistic but we have an 84% success rate of guests who have confirmed bookings using the bot. This is 84% of guests out of a business that sells thousands of nights a year and does thousands of bookings. We tend to see certain guest behavior with guests going directly for the check in details which is understandably. After this we have some guests who like to set their check in time. Others like to look at nightlife, directions or useful information for the location. Next up, we have some people look for the transport options and look at our upsells and make purchases. Other guests like to ask a more specific question for which we can answer directly via email. Easy!

I know what you are probably thinking – friction causes problems and guests might not want to use the bot because of this. There are ways to reduce friction to a point where friction no longer exists. How do you do this? Well it is simple. You need to have the message pre-written and you need to be able to extract information from the booking emails so that guests can access the bot directly from the moment their booking is confirmed. Using an email parser enables this and is mighty effective. Once you have a confirmed booking, give them the access to the bot and explain why it is beneficial to them. After doing this, you will likely see them log on right away.

Guests are excited about their booking. Just think about your own experience. When you go somewhere on vacation how long do you spend looking at accommodation? Do you read blogs? Do you read articles? Do you look at videos? Chances are you do. Guests get excited about their vacation and it should be a memorable experience from the moment they book. Providing them with everything there is to know about the property on a plate makes it super simple for them to continue to be excited.

The Bot Saves Businesses Money

With 84% of guests now using the bot, this is 84% of guests that interaction is severely limited with. This means that labor costs are saved on the business side as you no longer have to have somebody dealing with all of these guests. Of course, questions may still come through the bot so you need to account for that but it definitely takes the pressure off! This is money that you can invest in other areas of the business to help it grow and scale or you can keep off the P&L to help your bottom line.

The chatbot savings are very clear and when you think of the little effort it takes to set up and put live, it really is a no brainer. If you are running a vacation rental business and looking to save costs, increase guest happiness and streamline your business, it would be great to hear from you.


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