Guest Dashboard Creates Answers on Demand for your Resort!

October 15, 2018

Managing a Resort is Difficult!

It is difficult to manage a resort. You have guests checking in and out every day. You have to handle the bookings, the cancelations, the cleaning, checkins and checkouts. It is a lot of work! Some guests require more assistance than others and you realize just how precious time is as it all seems to be drained away from you.

A lot of small resorts simply get overwhelmed by all of the work. You can tell this in a pretty clear way. There is a lot of paper, things get lost and nothing flows as seamlessly as it should. It is a constant struggle to just keep the operation running that the resort manager or owners do not have any time to actually grow the business. BnBChatbot wants to change this. We want to give resort owners their time back to focus on growth not just surviving.

Give Guests Total Control of Their Booking

When a guest books with you, what happens? Do you have a process here or not? If you are heavily reliant on third party booking channels like Booking and Agoda, chances are you just let the guest read the details from the listing page and then make their own way to you. The guest arrives at your property, you find their booking on a bit of paper you printed out and check them in. The interaction sucks and it doesn’t give a good experience for anyone. This whole process could be so much better and it wouldn’t even be difficult to set up.

Sending a guest a personalized message on confirmation is something that you would think would take a lot of time, right? Wrong. It is something that can be automated. Best yet, you can tell them to use your personalized dashboard to get the best hints and tips about their stay, better information on the checkin and also sell additional services. This is what BnBChatbot can create and what we can do for your business.

The booking channels have a lot of power and once a guest books with them, they provide them with additional upsells. Not only are you paying them a huge amount of commission you are also missing out on additional revenue chances. By providing your guests with a BnBChatbot to interact with once a booking is complete you wrestle this power back and best of all, the guest can access it whenever and wherever they want. You don’t have to do anything and can make additional revenue. Sounds good right?


BnBChatbot as a Marketing Tool

Giving guests total control of their booking leading up to and during their stay is a great way to put them in control but have you thought about what happens when they leave? Probably not right? Some resorts will attempt to build a mailing list of emails collected from their guests. They will then attempt to use these lists to send out emails to their customers at erratic timeframes. The problem with this is, people get so many emails these days that the opening rates are not great.

With a mailing list, you can expect about 10% of the emails to be opened if you are lucky. If you are using a BnBChatbot then you have a list of subscribers without doing any additional work! The subscribers are linked to Facebook accounts as BnBChatbot works in Messenger and you are able to send them promotional messages after their stay has finished. This is a super powerful tool.

Messenger marketing is relatively new but very powerful. If you get a message on your Facebook account do you look at it? Chances are that the answer is yes. Unlike email with such a low opening rate, the rates for Messenger sit at above 90%. You have a targeted audience of previous guests sitting and waiting to be re-targeted with new promotions or marketing to get that repeat business.

I cannot stress this enough how important this could be for your business. You can re-target previous guests who may have booked with an online travel agency and engage them without the need to pay a further commission. Any business that you create through such marketing efforts equates to direct bookings meaning more money into your pocket.

With such campaigns, the best thing is, you don’t have to mess around with third party tools like email campaigning. Just let us know what you would like to do with your bot and we can make it happen / give advice on it. Our team is here to support you and level up your business.


Handle Maintenance and Complaints with Ease

I will go back to the first point in this article here. Running a resort is hard! Sometimes things get missed and not picked up by the cleaners. Air conditioning units may need servicing, a shower might not be hot water etc. There are many things that can go wrong. Generally guests are pretty understanding of such issues as long as they are resolved quickly. They like to be in control and if it can be resolved without them having to go to the reception desk all the better. How could a resort be better at providing such a service?

Put simply, using a BnBChatbot allows you to build such functionality into the guest dashboard. You could build in options such as ‘Report Maintenance Issue’ and it would allow the guest to detail the issue. Even better you could have this trigger a SMS message to the maintenance person on duty with the details of the guest (room number) and the issue. Similarly for any complaints that a guest has.

Handling complaints on the spot is important as it helps to keep a guest happy. It can also turn the complaint into a positive based on the response. Dealing with it there and then also limits the chances that it will crop up negatively in a review. Creating a thorough complaint process with a BnBChatbot is simple and we can help you out with everything you need.

Think that a BnBChatbot could help enhance your business? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Ready to go live? Head over to our Pricing Page today!

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