Why Facebook Messenger?

September 6, 2018

Why choose Messenger?

This is a great question and something we get asked occasionally. There are a few obvious reasons why Facebook Messenger provides the perfect environment for BnBChatbot and we hope to provide those answers below. Using Facebook Messenger means that those who want to interact with the bot need to have a Facebook account. This helps with verification and security which is somewhat lacking on some of the booking channels for vacation rentals.


In an ideal world – each guest would check in on time, be fast at communicating and leave on time. They would leave no mess and everything would run perfectly! Unfortunately this does not happen all of the time. Sometimes damages occur and sometimes things go missing. Sites like AirBnB are great at connecting you with customers but this is all that they do. Trying to claim via AirBnB is a painful process and often things are so wrapped up in legal jargon, you will not be successful.

Ultimately when using these booking sites they are simply that, a platform to connect providers with guests. Creating the social connection via requiring a Facebook account adds that additional level of verification and connection with your guests to prevent these issues happening in the future.

Prompt Notifications

BnBChatbot enables you to set up prompts that happen based on specific timings. Want to send a guest a reminder that they checkin within the next 3 days? No problem. Want to send them a message 3 days after checking out to ask for feedback, no problem. If we hosted BnBChatbot on a website or somewhere else, chances are these messages would be ignored or deleted.

The read rates from Messenger are crazy high because most people have Facebook Messenger connected to their phones and computers and who doesn’t read new Facebook messages when they come in?


After a guest has checked out. They stay within the database of contacts. If you want to run a promotion during the low season, you can send a message to all of these previous guests inviting them to book again with a promotional offer. This is a super powerful feature which allows you to effectively turn those who have interacted with your BnBChatbot into a mailing list – a mailing list with crazy high open rates and uniquely targeted.

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