Payments from Stripe with your Bot!

September 1, 2018

Did you know that your chatbot can integrate directly with Stripe if you are on our Premium or Ultimate plans? This opens up a world of opportunity to take payments directly within your bot. A lot of running a vacation rental business is looking after your guests and ensuring they have a great trip. Some guests will be visiting the area for the first time and will be a little clueless when it comes to transport or other things. This is ok. I am sure you offer additional services through forms, or manually or some longwinded way which takes up a lot of time.

Now you can save time by asking guests the questions about extra services within the bot. If you offer taxi transfers, boat transfers, tours or anything else. You can get the details you need within the BnBChatbot experience. By asking these questions, you can present the guest with the price right away and an awesome payment button. BnBChatbot is all about saving time and money. This can be done effectively with direct Stripe payments through your bot.

Through the questions being answered, we can provide the guest with the right payment amount for them. In this example, the guest has entered that they are 1 persons traveling from Phuket to Phi Phi in Thailand on a certain date. We then feed this into our database to provide them with the options for their travel. This is the last step in the journey. Once they hit Buy Tickets, a payment screen will load where they can enter their payment details. You can then redirect them to any part of the bot experience and do automations in the backend to alert your partners or yourself that a payment has been made and this additional service needs to be fulfilled for the dates they have specified.

You can see that the payment form is pretty standard and something familiar to most people. The payment form pops up directly over messenger so guests do not have to go to a website and wait for that to load. The advantages of this are a higher conversion rate for impulse buys, less friction and security. If you are looking to level up your additional revenue streams then taking payments directly within your guest communications channel is possibly one of the best things you can do. If you would like to get this set up, please head over to our Pricing Page today and our team will be able to make it happen for you!

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