Guest Interactions on Autopilot

September 5, 2018

One of the core aims of BnBChatbot is to save owners, managers and large scale property entrepreneurs time and money by putting their guest communications on autopilot. We built BnBChatbot because we wanted to use it ourselves and we do so rather successfully. In this post I want to go into some background on the main dashboard functionality and why we decide to lay it out like we do for our guests.

If you haven’t already, please go check out our demo here. After hitting Get Started, enter the confirmation code HMTESTUSER when prompted. This test dashboard is based on one of our real ones and is laid out exactly the same with some of our more complex automations hidden from view.

The First Thing Guests See

We always decide to put the checkin information front and center. After all, this is the most important information and the thing that often gets clicked first. From this first tab, guests can see their checkin details beautifully laid out, view a map of the location with directions on how to get there and ask any burning questions they have. This layout enables the guest to interact with a human directly if they wish to via the ask a question tab and become comfortable with the property they have booked and how to get there.

Within the checkin details tab itself, we have the option for a guest to set a checkin time. This is super cool, as it enables the host to know when the guest expects to arrive in advance and fires off an email to the owner to this effect. An owner can then reply if they need to within the email. The reply then gets sent to the guest within the bot. How cool is that! Examples of when this comes in handy are if a guest plans to arrive early and asks about baggage storage or similar.

Information on the Area

After a guest has checked on the instructions on how to get into the property, they are often looking for things to do in the area. This is why we have laid out this section next. Here you can provide anything from your favorite restaurants, to tours or other activities. It is possible to provide links to other websites and services and upsell things within the bot. For example under Tours & Activities, it would be very simple to add Stripe Payment integration so guests can book that directly within the bot.

Knowing your target audience helps you to create the best experience possible. We understand that most people come to this location for the nightlife so provide a whole section on it with some of the best places to go and other information. There is a map clickable from this button and other tips and suggestions. We also understand that most people coming to this location are backpackers so we provide them with the nature options like visiting the viewpoints. These are free activities which are popular and somewhat off the beaten path.

Hard to Access Place?

If you have a property which is not straightforward to access then it is a good idea to let guests know how to get to it. This demonstration is based on a property in Phi Phi Island. You need to get a ferry to the island and the main departure points are the locations listed above. By giving guests the information on which pier to go to, how long the trip takes, what time the boats leave and the prices they are better informed to plan their trip in advance.

This is also a massive up sell opportunity for additional services. We can provide links to ferry providers where they can book tickets directly or we can create Stripe Payment integration within the form to take the payments ourself. Making things as easy as possible for the guest ensures they have the best experience possible.

Other Information

This is a bit of a miscellaneous category for things which don’t necessary fit under the other headings. We provide guests with details on some things they may not have thought of. We let them know for example that the area has stray cats, mosquitos etc so picking up some mosquito repellant is probably a good idea. We let them know the location of pharmacies, if they can use their ATM card on the island and where the police and medical centers are located.

Finally we provide guests with some more recommendations on activities to do on the island. Giving the guests as much information as possible lets them explore the dashboard and plan their trip to their specifications. We’d rather give guests all the information in a beautiful dashboard like this so that they can explore it on their own time and come up with their own plans than having to keep repeating the same things to every guest.

I hope that this information has been useful to you! If you are interested in a BnBChatbot for your business then why not head over to our pricing page to check out the options. We have a promotion until the end of September with code LAUNCHPROMO getting you 10% off all plans.

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