Vacation Rental Chatbots have arrived!

August 23, 2018

I know, I know, I have probably used too many buzzwords in the title already. I promise to try and not use anymore. There will be no mention of machine learning or artificial intelligence here. I know people like to talk about these things when mentioning bots. We do not. Let’s jump right in now we have that cleared up.


Why could a vacation rental chatbot be useful?

If you run a vacation rental property then you are probably busy. This goes without saying but there is quite clearly 2 segments of vacation rental operators. The first is the individual who works an almost full time job and rents out a spare property to make some cash on the side. They like the extra money but don’t relish the additional work. The second is the professional, someone doing it to maximize profit. Keeping costs low and automating the business is key to their success.

The old adage goes that ‘time is money’ and of course that is true. Time is indeed money. Both segments of vacation rental operators are looking at ways to save time and ultimately maximize profits. Running vacation rental properties offers many unique challenges. With over 4,500 listings in Southeast Asia spanning 12 countries I know this pain. Every listing is unique and beautiful. It deserves individual attention and so does the guest.


How can a vacation rental chatbot help me?

Guests are often asking the same questions. These tend to be repeated over.. and over.. and over. It can get a little tiring. What if you could provide each individual guest, a personalized dashboard that they could access at their leisure and interact with?

This personalized dashboard is accessed by a guest providing their confirmation code. It then loads up their booking details and a specific, tailor made dashboard. If you have multiple listings. It does not matter, the correct property will be loaded every time.

The guest is free to access this information at any point once the booking is confirmed. They can go back to it at anytime and see common questions and answers regarding their stay. It is possible to put links to third parties such as ferry operators, bars, tours, taxi transfers or whatever. Setting up a tracking code or coupon for these additional services is an awesome way to track additional revenue. Increase your bottom line by providing guests with the information they want, at their finger tips before they know they want it.

Building the industry’s first commercial vacation rental chatbot into Facebook allows you to engage with guests where they are already spending their time. Once a guest has communicated with the bot, BnBChatbot can send them further communications but of course we don’t wish to spam anybody.

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