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Give your guests a truly unforgettable experience from the moment they book your vacation rental property
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Guest communications on autopilot

Use the power of technology to provide your guests with the information they want, when they want it. Stop answering the same questions over and over

Guest Happiness

Providing your guests with personalized information of their stay is a game changer. They can see the information clearly and on their own time. They are in control

Grow your Business

Guest communication is one of the most time consuming parts of a vacation rental business. With our help, you free up that time and can focus on growth

Save Time

Answering guest questions can consume a lot of time. Multiply this across a large portfolio and it adds up! We provide the answers to guests so you don't have to

Why trust us?

We are vacation rental experts!

Hey! I'm Stuart and for the past couple of years I have been running Roomfilla in Southeast Asia. We have a portfolio of over 4,000 properties so understand the needs of vacation rental owners. We built BnBChatbot because we needed it ourselves!

After a successful pilot with 100 of our own properties. The value was clear to be seen. We were saving time and effort from not having to send the same messages over and over. The decision was made then to open this up and offer it to other hosts.

See an overview

Our bot demonstration!

Watch our video where we showcase how a personalized dashboard can look like for your guests. The dashboards are secured with confirmation codes and each confirmation code can load up a different experience whether you have one property or multiple.

Use confirmation code HMTESTUSER to try it yourself by clicking the button below!

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Save time.
Make more money.

minutes per guest

Our calculations show that on average a vacation rental manager spends atleast 3 hours communicating with each guest

Hours saved a month!

If your business welcomes 40 guests a week, you can save yourself a massive amount of time and money per month.